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Rails, Sidekiq, and the Database Connection Pool

Update: The creator of Sidekiq, Mike Perham, quickly and correctly pointed out that standard ActiveRecord use inside Sidekiq should include automatic connection pool checkins when jobs are complete. I failed to realize that using ActiveRecord::Base.connection checks out a... continue reading

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The dangers of restoring RDS instances from snapshots

When restoring an RDS instance from a snapshot, AWS unavoidably lazy loads the entire database on-demand. This leads to a huge performance penalty until the entire database has been accessed at least once. This is fine if your database is... continue reading


AWS RDS MySQL restore stalling

When working with RDS, I would occasionally find my web console-initiated restores-from-s3 stall out indefinitely with no errors of any kind.  Confused, I ran to AWS Support, who told me that I should not specify "root" as the... continue reading


Restoring a MySQL backup to AWS RDS without the automated post-restore snapshot

While getting our CDK-based AWS infrastructure going, I often found myself restoring a MySQL backup to RDS.  This went fairly smoothly, except that I could not avoid the end-of-restore snapshot that the AWS web console requires.  This adds several hours... continue reading


Speeding up and compressing MySQL backups using xtrabackup

I love Percona and its MySQL tools.  They have really enabled me to pretend I'm a DBA for much longer than I probably should have. One of the main Percona tools we use is called "xtrabackup"... continue reading

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